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Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct

Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct

Diney is sick. He's been sick for several months now and shows no sign of getting better.

My son carries him everywhere, tucked under one arm, and tries to keep him comfortable. 

We've given him bites of peanut butter sandwiches and pizza. We've offered him chicken noodle soup. He's spent many evenings resting on the couch watching Octonauts and Maya the Bee

Each morning I ask, "How's Diney feeling today?" 

And each morning the answer is the same: "Not very good. Still sick." 


I was starting to worry about Diney's prognosis until Easter Sunday, when we accidentally left him behind. I'd just pulled out of the development when my son noticed the abcense. 

"Mom! Diney's still at Grandma's!"

"It's OK, honey. Grandma will take good care of him. And you'll be back on Tuesday. You can pick him up then."

My son started to cry. "We have to go get him. He's sick. And I love him so, so much." 

I pulled into a parking lot and turned the car around. 

"Mom, do you know why Diney's sick all the time?" 


"Because he's green." 


She said, "Don't be surprised if you cry."

She said, "Don't be surprised if you cry."

Finding Roots Close to Home

Finding Roots Close to Home