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My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017

This 365-day blogging experiment is quickly drawing to a close, so here's a look back at my favorite posts of 2017. 

1. The Night Nurse. "Sleep deprivation" was a common topic in my first month of posts, before the baby weaned himself and started sleeping through the night. This post, a play-by-play of a particularly bad night, is the first time I succeeded in making the topic interesting. 

2. Fire and Ice. This post put a positive spin on another bad night: a failed family outing to the annual "Fire and Ice" Festival.

3. Mennonites and Long-Haired Hippies. I was trying to adopt the voice of Susan Branch for this post, a tour of my favorite used bookstore. While I didn't entirely succeed, I still like how this post turned out--and the photos bring back happy memories of a snowy February morning spent browsing the stacks.

4. Random Acts of Flowers. In which a simple act of kindness sparked a small revelation. 

5. Six Things to Be Happy About in Spring. List-style posts always felt like a cop-out when I was writing them, but there's something about their simplicity that I cherish on subsequent reads. This one is my favorite of the bunch--an encapsulation of a beautiful spring day. 

6. She said, "Don't be surprised if you cry." This one could have turned out maudlin or hokey, but didn't. 

7. Things to Remember. I wouldn't have captured these tiny moments had it not been for the 365-day blogging project, and I'm so glad I did. Already they feel worlds away. 

8. Food for Thought. My son's food therapy did not go according to plan. This post captures the weight of that disappointment. It also ends on a positive note, which is always nice.  

9. It's always somebody's birthday. I wrote this post so quickly that I didn't have time to overthink it, and was surprised by the result. It captures a lot of intense emotions in a short scene. 

10. Number 60 starts now. This post took an unexpected turn about halfway through. I felt scared to hit the "publish" button because it felt macabre. But it has a vitality and a vulnerability that I love. 

If you've been following me along on this journey, let me know which posts stick out in your memory.

Happy almost New Year!


#365 of 365

#365 of 365

The Five of Coins

The Five of Coins