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The Best Thing Ever

The Best Thing Ever

I've been struggling to express the exuberance I feel this time every year, when the days grow long and the early summer flowers reach the peak of their beauty.

Life feels lush and full. I'm drawn to art projects and adventure like a moth to a porch light. 

Today Facebook reminded me of a similar sentiment I posted six years ago. The link drove to a 404 page, but I was able to find the text via the Wayback Internet Machine. (I couldn't find the photo of the bunny that I published with the original post, so you'll just have to use your imagination for that part. But the rest still stands.)

June 15, 2011

The Best Thing Ever started out as a plastic table that I bought last summer.

I was taking a stenciling class from Mary Ann Moss, in which she created beautiful works of art using spray paint and acetate. I wanted to try it, but was afraid of making a mess.

I was stewing about this at work when the idea hit me: I could buy a cheap card table and set it in the middle of the yard. Then I could spray paint with abandon. I wouldn't have to worry about making a mess, because the table would be mine. My own special art table. And it would be the Best Thing Ever.

This sparked a debate with my coworker about whether a card table can really qualify as the Best Thing Ever. This coworker has not taken an online class from Mary Ann Moss, so I forgive him for not seeing the appeal. But the conversation got me thinking. And I started noticing that lots of other things are also the Best Thing Ever. Sushi and corpse flowers and hand-carved stamps. Rainbow-colored macarons and Washington Phillips music and the word "haberdashery."

The Best Thing Ever, I realized, is not a thing. The Best Thing Ever is a way of life.

It's unabashed enthusiasm, plus a dash of hyperbole. It's embracing all the things that bring you pleasure, even if those things are card tables. Its about steeping yourself in joy.


It's about leaving for work the next morning, after leaving The Best Table out in the rain all night, and discovering that a bunny is using it as an umbrella.


It changes you.

It changes you.

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