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Writer/Mom: A Vlog Seven Years in the Making

I was looking for a file last month when I found an old video blog I’d started in 2009 and then abandoned a week later.

Watching the old footage inspired me.

“I’m trying to build my writers’ platform,” I thought. “Maybe now’s a good time to revisit vlogging.”

“You are insane,” a voice in my head answered. “You have a baby, a toddler and a full-time job. You already have too much going on. Now you want to start a vlog.”

I considered this for a while. I felt the magnetic pull of the idea and tried to push it away. Then I realized:

When you start a creative project—even a creative project that exists on a public, troll-infested forum like YouTube—there are no rules. Nobody makes you sign a contract that says, “I will publish one vlog each weekday now until eternity or else I will hand in my content creator card and visit the stockades.”

What I Learned about Vlogging at the Hippocamp Writing Conference

Last weekend I spoke at Hippocamp, a nonfiction writing conference held in my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I did a workshop called “Content Marketing for Writers.” And since I was in a content marketing frame of mind, I shot some video footage to use on my blog.

I got some lovely clips. But when I pieced them together, I realized that I’d missed a huge opportunity. I’d been so focused on telling the story of the conference that I hadn’t captured MY story of the conference.

Geez. This was like the unspoken theme of the event: TELL YOUR STORY. And I didn’t. Why? Because I was too self-conscious to insert myself into the footage. I was too shy to ask people for interviews. I was worried that people would see me filming myself, and think I was weird or self-aggrandizing or both.