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What Comedians Know About Great Storytelling

I have a guest blog post up on Brevity this week. The post explains how I made a pyramid to organize my memoir's narrative threads, from the specific to the universal.

The day my Brevity blog post went live, I listened to the podcast This American Life, episode 596: Becoming a Badger. It contained the story of a French comedian trying to make it big in America. The big-name American comedians all said that he was good. Great, even. But his act felt a little generic. 

"The whole point of going to see a comedian is you want to see something that other comedians don't do," Colin Quinn said. "It's all relatable. It's emotions, you know what I mean? ... Now I get to use my favorite expression (I'm always looking for an excuse): In the specific is the universal." 

George Saunders: On Story

I'm on week three of a bad cold and week 37 of pregnancy, so things have been quiet around here lately. During the downtime I've been steeping myself in inspiration. Here's one of my favorite discoveries, a seven-minute video on storytelling featuring George Saunders.