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What the Heck is a Braided Essay?

I was scrolling through Facebook a few months ago when a writer friend's post caught my eye:

"I'm experimenting with form! Does anyone have any good examples of braided essays to share?"

Braided essays? I thought. What's a braided essay? And why have I never heard of it before?

Through Google, I learned that a braided essay weaves two or more narratives together. "Often, the threads seem very disparate at first," instructs the Purdue Online Writing Lab, "but by the climax of the essay, the threads being to blend together; connections are revealed."

Shortly after that, I stumbled upon an essay by Mira Jacob titled "37 Difficult Questions from my Mixed-Race Son." Jacob had interposed line drawings of herself and her son, along with cartoon-like conversation bubbles, onto Michael Jackson album art—sort of like a visual braided essay.