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Greetings From Siberia: An Unexpected Genealogy Lesson

I went on a genealogy binge about three years ago. 

I scanned hundreds of old family photos and uploaded them to Ancestry, along with some information my mother had compiled. Then I gave birth to my first son, and abandoned the project. 

I return to Ancestry a few times a year, usually when I’m working on my memoir and want to find a specific date. But I let my subscription lapse, and haven’t given much thought to my extended family tree. 

That changed last week, when I received an unexpected email from a stranger.

The Family Stories in Your DNA

My mom never made me a traditional baby book.

Instead, she made a book of family history. On the first page she drew a tree, and wrote the names of my relatives across its branches. Then she conducted family interviews and captured their stories.

I didn't appreciate Mom's efforts until later in life, when I became curious about my ancestors. Only then did I realize the importance of the book and the stories it contained.