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Shrill: Lindy West's New Book is Helping Me Find My Voice

I didn't want to like this book.

Maybe it's professional jealousy, or a snobby disregard for online media (Lindy West used to be a staff writer for Jezebel), or likely a combination of the two.  

"She's a good writer," that mean girl in my head sniped as I listened to the audio version of Lindy West's new book, Shrill, "but her work will never withstand the test of time. Those pop culture references will sound dated in ten years and indecipherable in twenty."

By the time I'd gotten half an hour in, Lindy had completely won me over.

Fear is a Feminist Issue

I started blogging when I was 13, before anyone had coined the term “blog.” I posted several times a day, long streams of consciousness that covered everything from my skincare regime (Stridex acne pads) to my latest celebrity crush (Leonardo DiCaprio, natch).

“I want to publish something someday,” I wrote in 2001, never considering that blogging was a type of publication. “I want to influence people through my writing. I want to be immortal.”

Those were the days before Internet immortality, the playful days when you could bare your soul to strangers and publish silly and stupid things online without worrying about those words sticking around to haunt you. I only know what I wrote back then because I printed out a few entries before deleting my account.

Now I’m in my thirties, and I’ve published many things: magazine articles, essays and advertising copy. I still keep an online journal. But lately blogging feels like a party I’m crashing despite my better judgement.