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Dear Marriott Hotel: Pumping is Weird for Me, Too

Update: A representative of the Marriott reached out to me shortly after I posted this and offered me a better place to pump. Thanks, Marriott!  

I’m attending a writing conference there next month. My six-month-old is staying at home—he doesn’t much like conferences—so I called your office to see where I could pump some milk for him while I’m away. The person who answered the phone didn’t know what pumping is. Please allow me to explain.

First, you expose your breasts.

Then you position plastic shields over each of your nipples. You turn on the pump. Then you sit, holding the shields to your breasts, for ten or fifteen minutes, listening to the machine grunt and groan while your nipples stretch and elongate and spray milk.

Once you’re done, you remove the shields. You set the bottles down, being careful not to let them tip. The plastic tubing and the top-heavy breast shields make this tricky. You drip milk on the counter. You can’t help it; it’s inevitable. But if you’re lucky, you get most of the milk into a plastic bag. Then you store the plastic bag somewhere cold, reposition your boobs inside your bra and begin the laborious process of cleaning up.

Does this seem weird?