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Some Snow Day Reading

Some Snow Day Reading

I forgot how maddening it is to be cooped up in the house with two small children.

Today Winter Storm Stella and my two small children conspired to remind me. The day had some sweet moments. When, for example, the toddler looked at me from the bathtub, and said: "The more vegetables I eat, the older I get ... right?"

And when the baby parked himself and his Cheerios on the floor to watch Monster Math Squad. 


We also had about a dozen time-outs, some yelling and an attempt at what the toddler called "Baby Kung Fu" that resulted in a black eye.

I spent my few free moments catching up on RSS feeds. That's how I stumbled upon the blog Transactions with BeautyThe photos are so stunning and the writing so thoughtful that I became transfixed. 

I also discovered, via Kottke.org, a documentary video series called "Whitman, Alabama." I only watched the series intro but I bookmarked the rest to view later. 

Finally, I've been stewing over the latest episode of the On Being podcast, an interview with professor and medical director Bessel van der Kolk. The way he describes trauma's impact on memory made me rethink parts of my memoir.

"The nature of a traumatic experience is that the brain doesn’t allow a story to be created," van der Kolk explained. "It’s normal to distort your memories. ... People create their own realities in a way. What is so extraordinary about trauma, is that these images or sounds or physical sensations don’t change over time. ... People who got traumatized continue to have the same story in 1990 as they told back in 1945, so they cannot transform it." 

I've never been traumatized, so I never experienced this for myself. But hearing him explain it helped me understand my family members' memories in a way I hadn't before. 

You can read the entire transcript of the podcast here. Van der Kolk also wrote a couple of books.  I put his latest on hold at the library and can't wait to read it. 

What are you reading, watching and listening to these days?



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