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She was talking to God.

She was talking to God.

April 26, 1967. Patient admitted to 3-7 given routine ward care.

Pt. states she has to have water to give her body strength during admission. She was talking to God.

Pt. stated she was losing reality and she didn’t want to lose it again. Also stated that God told her to take water as this would give her strength to talk about her problems. At about 1:10 p.m. Mr. Free came to visit his wife and Pt. thought him to be a psychiatrist. She would not believe that he was Mr. Free as she stated that God told her he was a psychiatrist.

Pt. is very confused and delusional at this time (1:30 p.m.) She believes that God has given her powers and requested that Drs. Kunker and Peterson aid her in revealing her powers. She talked to God and proved to herself that Mr. Free was not a psychiatrist. She also believes that God had given her the power to have a baby without sedation. She states she is having false labor pains every 5 minutes. Pt. states that her husband is mentally ill and she is in the hospital to recruit people to help her to help her husband. She is very confused as to her mental state. One minute she believes herself to be in a state of mental health, and the next, she believes she is in need of mental health.

April 26, 1967. Physician’s Order & Diet.

  1. Mellaril 50 mg. q.i.d.

  2. Betalin 2 cc

  3. Suggest rest in bed in private room

  4. [Illegible] for acute agitation

  5. Room reclusion and restraint

  6. Seconal grs. 

April 26, 1967. 6:30 p.m. [Illegible] for self-protection. Pt. throwing herself on bed. Had taken off all her clothing and appeared very disturbed over trying to have "labor pains," demanding water all the time. Has voided at least 5 times this p.m. 

10 p.m. Pt. quiet but left in 4x and secluded.

April 27, 1967. Noisy around 4 a.m. Left in restraint at change of shift due to lab tests.

April 28, 1967. Routine urine obtained and sent to lab.

May 11, 1967. Patient appears more calm and is willing to participate in daily routine. She no longer expresses the ideas she has power over God, or able to talk with people who are not around her. She keeps herself well dressed and neatly groomed. She now helps with ward work and attends activities on and off ward. Sleeping and eating habits are good at this time.

May 11, 1967- Progress Note - Ward 37 - Patient has requested her release. She is much improved, no longer delusional or perplexed. No obvious contraindication to discharge at this time. She can return to LND for follow-up.

May 11, 1967 - Male and Female A.I.T. Disposition Staff

Present: Doctor Haschmeyer; Representatives of Social Service; Reverend Harris; Stenos: Ruth Ann Settlemyre and Anita Ricci.

Briefly Stated: This patient’s psychotic reaction seems to have subsided. Her physical health is satisfactory. Her ward adjustment was good. Routine clinical laboratory tests reported were within normal range. Her medicine at this time consists of Mellaril 50 mg. Q.i.d., Batalin 2 cc IM daily, Seconal grs. 1 ½ h.s. prn sleep. She intends to return to the Howard County Guidance Center and or her family physician Doctor Denton. She will arrange with her husband transportation to her home where she lives with her children.

We approve of this patient’s discharge today in care of self or husband as her condition is improved.

External Precipitating Stress: Moderate

Premorbid Personality and Predisposition: Moderate

Degree of Psychiatric Impairment: Mild

May 11, 1967 - Patient discharged this date.


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