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Pop Some Tags

Pop Some Tags

Once upon a Thursday morning, the office had a gas leak. 

We evacuated the building, and waited outside while fire trucks came and cordoned off the streets. 

A half-hour passed. My friend and I walked to the thrift store down the block, just to pass the time. That's where we found Literally The World's Best Latch Hook Kit. We both wanted it. I don't even know what a latch hook kit is, exactly. But I wasn't about to pass up a giant rainbow. With a dove

This is some Lisa Frank sh*t right here, folks.

We reached a compromise. I would buy the kit and make it. He'd hang it in his office. 

By the time we'd returned, the fire fighters had given everyone the all-clear. I went back to my desk and opened up the kit.

I'd thought it would be the size of a coaster. Silly me. 


Looks like I have my work cut out for me. The kit didn't have an actual latch hook, but my friend (who is always full of surprises) said he had one at home and would lend it to me. 

I hope he remembers to bring it tomorrow. I secretly love the idea of sitting at work and making a latch hook wall hanging of a gigantic rainbow. 

Maybe the gas is going to my head. 


There's No Going Backward

There's No Going Backward

To Begin Again (and Again)

To Begin Again (and Again)