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Necessary Books about Panic Disorder That Have Yet to Be Written

Necessary Books about Panic Disorder That Have Yet to Be Written

How to Get Through the Workday Without Hyperventilating

How to Breathe

How Not to Cry: 1001 Ways to Distract Yourself from Illogical Emotions and Fears

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation at Your Desk Without Looking Like You're Sleeping or Shirking: And Other Ways to Convince Your Brain That Nothing is Actually Wrong

How to Discretely Cry at Your Desk in Between Meetings

I’m Not Crying, My Contacts are Just Bothering Me: And 99 Other Ways to Convince Coworkers and Clients That You Aren't Losing It

How to Explain to Your Boss That You’re Having a Panic Attack While Maintaining a Modicum of Dignity: A Step-by-Step Guide

Emails to HR that Accurately Describe Your Mental Health Challenges Without Making You Seem Unemployable: A Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook

Driving Yourself Home from Work in Between Panic Attacks: Time It Right, Every Time

Should You Go to the Doctor: The Definitive Guidebook

You're Not Dying: 999 Logical Explanations for that Searing Pain in Your Chest

Spending the Day in Bed: and Other Fun Ideas for Calming the Fuck Down

How Are You?: 150 Answers to Give Well-Intentioned Friends and Family Members

How to Discern the Cause Among Countless Possible Causes, See Also: Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sleepless Nights, That Benign Tumor on Your Adrenal Gland, Shifting Universal Consciousness

How to Be Present in the World When the World Feels Excruciating

How Not to Hate Yourself

How Not to Apologize

How to Not Have Panic Disorder


Books, Blogs and Other Post-Election Life Rafts

Books, Blogs and Other Post-Election Life Rafts

Hello Panic, My Old Friend

Hello Panic, My Old Friend