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As a writer, I've always been interested in family stories. When I heard of a Satanic cult in my family tree, I thought I'd found the story of a lifetime. Read more.

Master Plan for World Domination

Master Plan for World Domination

(An abbreviated list) 

1. Get a better understanding of facial anatomy. Watch art class videos. Practice drawing portraits.

2. Read library books before they're due. 

3. Learn how to use the Prismacolor markers I bought last week. 

4. Use old photos of unknown relatives in a groundbreaking new art project that changes the way people look at mixed media. 

5. Do a watercolor portrait series of writers who have inspired me, both the famous and the obscure. 

6. Write a new blog post for Ancestry.com.

7. Figure out what I'm going to talk about at Hippocamp in September. 

8. Figure out what writing samples I'm going to bring to the Hippocamp agent pitch session.


10. Meditate. 

11. Spend more time in nature. 

12. Schedule appointment with dentist; get chip in front tooth fixed. 

13. Something about Father's Day? 

14. Write article on DIY EMDR; pitch to NYT. 

15. Start vlogging again.

16. Get a promotion, maybe.

17. Send more thank you cards.

18. Prune rose bushes before it gets too hot out.

19. Finish watching the Stephen Quiller video series on color theory in watercolor that I bought in 2015. 

20. Learn more about art history. 

21. Take a research trip to Indiana. 

22. More family interviews. 

23. Make time to visit in that local writers' group. 

24. Figure out how to tell strangers about my book without feeling like a weirdo.

25. Make peace with Satanic cults. 

26. Finally finish my damn memoir. 


The Best Thing Ever

The Best Thing Ever

I'm thinking about The Shining again.

I'm thinking about The Shining again.