Hi! I'm Kelly.

As a writer, I've always been interested in family stories. When I heard of a Satanic cult in my family tree, I thought I'd found the story of a lifetime. Read more.

January by the Numbers

January by the Numbers

Just for fun, I decided to look back on my first month of daily blogging with a few stats. 

Total words written (not including headlines): 8,423

Average words written per day: 272 

Average time I published a new post: 8 p.m.

Total number of unique visitors to the blog, according to Google: 128

Most popular post, according to Google: Toddler Dance Party

Most popular post, according to Facebook: The Night Nurse

Weirdest thing someone searched for on Google that returned my site: "Satanic phone sex" (This should totally be the name of a metal band) 

Average sentiment: -15.8 (Apparently I'm "somewhat negative and serious") 

Number of times I mentioned the word "sleep:" 11 (This is why I'm somewhat negative and serious.) 

Times I thought about writing about politics but didn't: 8,162

Times I thought about quitting this daily blogging business: Less than I expected.


Investigative Reporter I'm Not

Investigative Reporter I'm Not

Month One is Done

Month One is Done