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I see arson in our future.

I see arson in our future.

Today my son’s preschool class talked about fire safety. He arrived home with a sheet of instructions: 

Discuss two ways you could exit the house in the event of a fire. Discuss where you would meet your family outside. 

He didn’t offer any suggestions, so I got the ball rolling. 

“We could meet in front of our mailbox,” I said. “That way you wouldn’t have to cross the street.” 

He thought about it for a moment. Then his face lit up.

“We should meet at C’s house!” he said, referring to the three-year-old boy who lives across the road. “We haven’t been over there in a long time. We could play with his toys!” 

“We could, but I don’t want you crossing by yourself. I think we should stick to our mailbox for now. If there was a fire.”

”Ok, but let’s make more plans. What will we do if our house becomes old and haunted?” 

”Well, I guess we’d have to move.” 

”Yeah! We’ll plan to move in with C! Then we could play with his toys anytime we want!” 

As they say: fail to prepare and prepare to fail.


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