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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

1. The oldest has been refusing to eat the "homework" his food therapist assigned to him. 

2. He's been sitting at the dinner table screaming for hours, all over five blueberries cut in half. 

3. Today at our appointment we tried to bribe him with the big exercise balls they keep in physical therapy.

4. We also tried bribing him with miniature marshmallows and a chocolate chip muffin from the health campus cafe. 

5. The food therapist said maybe we should just stop trying. 

6. He's obviously a very strong-willed child. 

7. It's not like he's underweight. 

8. We can try again in a year or two. 

9. We have not failed. 

10. We have not failed. 

11. At least we tried. 

12. Tonight we didn't do food therapy homework. 

13. The oldest ate a few pieces of ham, a few raw spinach leaves, a slice of cornbread, an apple, a banana and some Annie's Bunny Grahams. 

14. Nobody cried. 

15. If you were a stranger we'd invited in for dinner, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary. 

16. After dinner we went outside to play. 

17. I drew a big circle in the driveway with yellow chalk, and labeled it "HAPPINESS."

18. We all took turns standing inside. 


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