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An Evening at the Conestoga House and Gardens

An Evening at the Conestoga House and Gardens

We went to the Conestoga House and Gardens today, after a failed attempt earlier this summer. It's the estate of a local newspaper magnate, and it opens its grounds to the public each summer. 


According to its website

Conestoga House & Gardens is primarily a summer garden with an emphasis on tropicals and container plantings. Our displays include over 3,300 annuals, about 400 tropical plants, over 160 varieties of perennials and over 160 rose bushes representing almost 20 different varieties of the flower. Most of our plants are identified and labeled with both their botanical names and their common names.

The garden has about a dozen topiary animals hidden throughout the grounds, and some other fun surprises: an aviary filled with parakeets, for example, and a plastic skeleton that's visible through the grate of the lime kiln. 


The boys had a good time running around and finding all the "topi-hairys." 


The baby was always toddling toward a big stone staircase or climbing onto the edge of a fountain. And the dappled sunlight made it hard to get the exposure right. But sometimes I managed to capture a bit of the magic.

With luck, we'll make it back for at least one more visit before summer ends. 



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