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Blogging 365

Blogging 365

With 2017 approaching, I’ve been mulling over how to spend the coming year.

I downloaded Susannah Conway’s free Unraveling workbook and the Rituals for Living Dreambook (thanks, Emily Grosvenor, for the recommendation.) I scribble in both every chance I get.


I started doing morning pages pretty consistently in 2016, and I’ve become addicted to them. I’ve also been blog more regularly, and in writing about motherhood and mental illness, I feel like I’ve finally found my voice.

I didn’t make any progress on my memoir, though that’s not a bad thing. The time away has given me clarity about what’s working and what’s not. It’s also sparked new motivation to burrow back in and finally finish the current draft. I typed out a work log on Google Docs with some instructions to keep me focused in the new year.

I’ve also decided to try daily blogging, thanks mostly to writer Sarah Bousquet.

I found her blog, One Blue Sail, a few months back, and I’ve been following it with rapt attention ever since. There’s an intimacy to her daily posts that I find refreshing, and an ease I’d like to cultivate in my own writing.

Until now, perfectionism has held me back.

I waste a lot of time overthinking and over-editing each word. The fear of not getting it exactly right escalates into avoidance. I waste hours scrolling through Facebook posts, berating myself for not being better.

I think the rigor of a daily deadline could help me cut through this fear. I’m also hoping that seeking out a narrative for each day will help me hone my creativity and my craft. Perhaps I’ll be forced to take more risks; perhaps I’ll fail. Publicly and on record. Worse things have happened.


To clarify my intention and make 365 blog posts manageable, I’ve set a few ground rules and guidelines.

  1. While I’ll make every attempt to publish a post every day, I know that won’t always be a possibility. So I won’t consider it a failure if I hand-write a blog post one day and then publish it the next. Or type up the day’s draft offline and then post it the next morning.
  2. Because I’m posting on The Skeleton Club, I’ll keep the blog posts relevant to the themes in my book.This will, I hope, also help me stay focused on the memoir.
  3. There are two conditions for success: publishing a post and being honest. That’s it. No minimum word length, photo requirements or SEO keywords. This is a writing exercise; NOT a marketing exercise.

I'll be honest: I have no idea if I can make this work. I already feel stretched thin more days than none. But I want to give it my best shot. And if I do fail, I want to admit to it—to be honest about my limitations and how I'm adjusting course.

That's essentially all this is—an exercise in honesty, and in learning when "good" is "good enough."

I'll start "officially" on January 1st. Until then, happy holidays—and may your New Year's dreams come true.

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