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At Least It's Not Christmas

At Least It's Not Christmas

We put our Halloween decorations up today, just for something to do.

A few cheap plastic things I bought on clearance last October, plus some plastic cobwebs and Baby Boo pumpkins from off the vine in the backyard. The oldest was thrilled but also confused. 


"Can I help hand out candy tonight?" he asked. 

"Honey, Halloween isn't for another two months." 

"...So it's the day after tomorrow?" 

"Not two days. Two months." 

"...OK. So, the day after the day after tomorrow." 

I explained that two months was sixty days, but it still didn't compute.


His excitement is breaking the time-space continuum. 


The Shudder of the Plunge

The Shudder of the Plunge

A Beam of Light

A Beam of Light